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Welcome to conflict-data.org

The Data on Armed Conflict and Security Project

Event Data on Armed Conflict and Security

The Event Data on Armed Conflict and Security Project (EDACS) compiles and analyzes spatially and temporally disaggregated data on the use of violence in the context of civil wars in Sub-Sahara-Africa, starting with the end of the cold war until 2009.

Consolidated List Of Wars

The Consolidated List of Wars (CoLoW) aims at simplifying comparisons of data quality and data collection in the field of quantitative research on the causes and dynamics of war. Through a discussion of problematic cases and data gathering strategies we hope to increase transparency regarding the development and use of data sets in the field and make it easier for researchers and practitioners alike to choose the right data for their purposes.

Private Security Database

The PSD collects data on the use of Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) by public actors (governments and international organisations) in areas of limited statehood, and asks in general who consumed what kind of private security in failing states (where, for how long). The data are focused on a specific set of countries that experienced state failure or even collapse in at least one year in the period 1990–2007.

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